Terms and conditions

(i) Operator – Alfred in Bali, a online holiday homes rental operator based in Bali registered under By PT. Apa Kabar Advisor;

(ii) Property – the Property mentioned in the Reservation Form.

(iii) Guest or Guests – any individual(s) or organization booking a Property from the Operator for temporary usage as a vacation home.

1.2 HOUSE RULES: It is important for all guests to read and understand our updated House Rules which is an integral part of this Reservation Terms & Conditions.

– Guests hereby agree to rent the premises (“Property”) for the length and at the rate designated on Reservation Form.

– Guests are granted a limited  right to occupy the Property for the sole purpose of temporary lodging and use. This Reservation Terms & Housing Rules document is not a residential tenancy agreement and does not fall under Indonesian tenancy law (s).

– Guests shall not assign, sublease, or grant any license to use the Property or any part of it to anyone else without the Operator’s prior written consent.

– All Guests or Visitors below 18 years old must be accompanied by Adults during check-in.

– Valid identification documents (such as Indonesian ID and/or Passport) shall be presented in original during the check-in procedure by all Guests and Visitors, otherwise, no access will be given.

Operator reserved the right to share guests credit card information and other information about the guests with law enforcement if fraud is suspected.

– Failure to comply with the Guest’s obligations as outlined in these Reservation Terms & Housing Rules may result in the Guest’s authorization to occupy the Property being revoked, and the Guest being evicted without further compensation.

Reservations and services are confirmed and guaranteed only upon:

(a) receipt of all outstanding payments including rent, security deposit and all fees and taxes in full;

(b) The Operator sends the Guest a confirmation email with the Booking/Reservation number and reservation

– Guests are required to pay/provide a Security Deposit as set by the Operator prior to check-in. The Security Deposit will be collected prior to check-in and released back within 7-days after the departure (it can longer in certain cases whenever the Operator requires additional time to find a missing or damaged replacement item).

– The Security Deposit may be deducted automatically without notice by Operator at its sole discretion in order to:

(a) repair, replace or clean anything that is damaged or missing or stained item by the Guest/ Visitors inside the Property or outside such as the balcony, terrace, backyard, patio and/or neighboring properties and to the Community/Common Areas;

(b) to replace all lost or damaged keys or access cards or remote controls;

(c) arrange additional cleaning for excessive dirt (i.e. stained carpets, sofas, furnitures, walls, appliances or any other excessive waste left in the Property);

(d) arrange laundry or special cleaning in case of smoking or leaving bad odor;

(e) arrange disinfection with licensed company if the Guest and/or Visitors were identified or suspected to had COVID;

(f) to pay against penalties such as for smoking inside the Property, making party/noise during quiet hours, disturbing the neighbor or their properties, trespassing the security gate, conducting illegal or commercial activities or other penalties as imposed by Operator, Community Management, Bali Police or other governing authority;

(g) for excessive utility charges beyond normal consumption rates (normal consumption rates are calculated not to exceed 1.000.000 per bedroom per month in total and combined);

(h) for any laundry service, grocery request, video on demand, upgrade of the internet/cable channels and/or mobile/international calls made using Property’s internet/telephone line.

(i) pay for any fines and/or penalties imposed by the Community Management and/or governmental authorities for not following community and local rules & regulations.

(j) pay against any services/items that the Guest/Visitors ordered via Operator during their stay.

(k) pay for unauthorized early check-in or late check-out charges or unreasonable delays/damages caused to the Operator and its staff for completing their day-to-day tasks.

If the collected Security Deposit amount shall not be sufficient to cover any/all of incurred charges as mentioned above, the Guest is fully responsible to immediately clear the remaining balance to the Operator to cover the shortfall.

– Final rent and service rates are subject  included  VAT (value added tax);

The guest agrees that he/she is responsible for verifying the total cost to be paid as well as terms and conditions and details when confirming the booking.

– Tourism IDR will be calculated for the first 30 consecutive nights of the Reservation.

– For long-stays each Reservation is valid for a maximum period of 30 days as per, after it has to be renewed by the new Reservation.

– Operator’s default currency is IDR and should the guest pay using another currency then custom rates set out by the Operator shall apply.

– In case the Guest has wired money to the Operator’s bank account, Guest is responsible to cover upon check-in all bank fees such as missing amount due to bank processing or bank exchange rates.

– All rental payments, partial down-payments, reservation/booking and all other sort of service payments are non-refundable for any reason; all reservations are non-transferrable to any other party and non-amendable.

Provided rates are valid for one booking and as long as the booking process is ongoing. It is not compulsory for the operator to propose the same rates for a canceled booking that has been rebooked later for example. Or to offer it to other parties of a group.

– In case of Cancellation, change request or no-show fee equivalent to the value of the entire stay will be levied by Operator.

– Security Deposit payment is fully refundable, subject to these terms and conditions.

– If the reservation is canceled by the Operator for any reason then the entire amount will be refunded to the Guest with no other liabilities.

– Notwithstanding the foregoing, any loss, failure, or delay arising out of or related to the COVID-19 pandemic shall not constitute a force majeure event.

– Note that below violations will lead to immediate actions by Operator:

(a) Loud Music/Parties/unappropriated noise level after 9:00 PM (till 8am);

(b) Trespassing or Blocking security barrier/gate, illegal parking or swearing the Community or Operator’s staff;

(c) Smoking inside the Property;

(d) Illegal activities / disturbance, damage or illegal access or unauthorized access to/of the neighbor’s property/items/community; as well as extra guests from outside without prior permission.

(e) If residue of an animal is found during our inspection following checkout Guest will be assessed a minimum IDR 2.000.000 cleaning charge.

(f) Improper garbage disposal.

In any/all above cases security deposit will be forfeited and in case of repetition guests might be evicted.

– Guest agrees to indemnify and hold the Operator harmless for any liabilities including but not limited to loss, theft, damage to personal belongings OR injury, illness or sickness or death to Guests or Visitors. The Operator will not be liable under any circumstances, including substitutions, to refund any unused portion of booked accommodations or services. If a catastrophe (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire, or wind) or any situation beyond Operator’s control impairs the vacation rental, Operator is not responsible for finding alternate lodging for the Guest or for the Guest’s financial losses related to transportation or alternate lodging. There will be NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR EMERGENCY OR OTHER KIND OF EVACUATIONS.

– For such purposes it is advisable to have Travel Protection Insurance for all Guests. There will be no refunds or rebates given to Guest as a result of unfortunate circumstances outside of the Operator’s control. As such, Operator shall not be liable for unfavorable weather, acts of God, disruption of utility services, malfunction or breakdown of appliances, or other equipment(s) and services such as TV disruption of cable channels / internet / AC service / lights or restriction by government or community to use the pool / gym or other facilities; or for the time required to the contractors to fix/repair such issues. The Operator shall make repairs as expeditiously as possible after being notified by the Guest during standard working hours only (9:00am till 6:00pm) and subject to availability first.

Guest agrees to contact the operator, using the contact information provided in the confirmation email and through What’s app, as soon as the guest notices any maintenance or housekeeping problem, or any potentially hazardous condition, at the Property, or if any incident occurs at the Property that is related to such a problem or condition. The guests further agrees to give the operator a reasonable amount of time to respond to their report and to cooperate with the operator’s efforts to address the concern or provide a solution. The operator will take reasonable and appropriate steps to remedy any reported problem as soon as practicable. The operator may enter the Property at the guest’s invitation to address the reported issue. The intervention will be operated at reasonable times and with reasonable notice to inspect, maintain, or repair the Property, and to address any situation that the operator reasonably deem an emergency that threatens persons or property.


Visitors – additional individual(s) invitees of the Guest who are visiting the Property, rather than staying overnight.

Property or Premises – is the licensed holiday home Property (also referred as vacation home or Premises) the Guest rents from the Operator.

*These terms and conditions were last modified on 16/07/2021.

Any person booking or pre-booking a stay in any of our properties, automatically agrees to the following legal terms:

  1. Reservation Terms & Conditions (this page)
  2. House Rules
  3. Refund Policy 

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