Prepare For A Memorable Adventure with Family Friendly Activities in Bali

A family doing family friendly activities in Bali by being on the beach and walking towards the waves

Embark on an adventure of family friendly activities in Bali, promising unforgettable memories. Dive into this guide that will ensure your vacation is filled with joy, laughter, and cherished moments for kids and parents alike.

Animal Kingdom

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
Explore the Monkey Forest in Ubud, a place where playful monkeys are surrounded by ancient temples. Let your little ones marvel at these mischievous creatures and take in the natural beauty of this sacred sanctuary. Prepare for your visit to Monkey Forest with our Guide here.

Monkey mom and baby in Ubud Monkey Forest
Photo by mtsjrdl on Unsplash

Bali Bird Park
The Bali Bird Park houses over a thousand bird species! Find educational shows and interactive exhibits providing a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn. Enjoy some quality time with your family while enjoying the colors of the flying birds.

Sun, Sand, and Sea

Nusa Dua Beach
Amongst family friendly activities in Bali, visiting the beach is a must. Pack your beach essentials and head to Nusa Dua Beach, known for its calm waters and golden sands. Build sandcastles, enjoy a family picnic, or take a stroll along the shoreline. The beach’s gentle waves make it perfect for young swimmers.

Sunday Funday at Ku De Ta

Experience the lively energy of Ku De Ta, Bali’s iconic beachfront destination. Every Sunday, their family-friendly event turns the bustling nightlife hotspot into a lively wonderland filled with balloons, laughter, and joy for all ages. Enjoy the stunning beach views, upbeat music, and fun-filled atmosphere from 10am-2pm.

Local Discoveries

Balinese Dance Performances
Introduce your family to Bali’s rich cultural heritage by attending traditional dance performances at Uluwatu Kecak Fire Show. Witness the graceful movements that tell age-old stories. Some venues offer interactive sessions for kids to learn the art of Balinese dance.

The traditional Balinese dance, Kecak, is being performed at nighttime with fire in front of a big crowd watching and is one of the family friendly activities in Bali you can do
Photo by Den on Unsplash

Pura Tirta Empul
Step into the magical Pura Tirta Empul, a stunning blend of water gardens and intricate stone carvings. Let your family wander through the stunning landscapes and go for a cleanse within the palace.

Adventure Awaits

Waterbom Bali
Thrills and spills await at Waterbom Bali, Asia’s best waterpark. With lots of water slides, splash zones, and a lazy river, it’s a water paradise for all ages. Parents can relax in the sun while the kids make a splash.

Family friendly activities showing a child swimming in a pool with floaters
Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

Bali Jungle Adventure Park
For families seeking an adrenaline rush, Bali Jungle Park offers thrilling adventures for various ages. Swing, climb, and zip-line through the jungle, creating an unforgettable family bonding experience.

River Rafting & ATV
Bring your older youngsters and challenge the family with an exhilarating water rafting adventure along the Ayung River and ATV riding in the jungle. Navigate through scenic landscapes while enjoying the thrill of Bali’s rapids – a perfect blend of excitement and nature.

Relaxation and Wellness

Yoga for Families
One of the family friendly activities in Bali is introducing your family to the art of relaxation with a family-friendly yoga session. Many resorts and studios offer specialized classes suitable for all ages, or you can book a private yoga class in the comfort of your own family friendly villa.

Movie nights
Bali’s cinemas offer a delightful escape. From modern theaters with lay-down chairs to unique open–air settings with bean bags on the sand, movie nights become memorable experiences. Many venues showcase international blockbusters as well as local gems, such as Beachwalk in Kuta, Yema Kitchen and Tamora Gallery in Canggu, Sundays in Uluwatu and Mana in Ubud.

Family Spa Day
Treat your family to a rejuvenating spa day at one of Bali’s family-friendly spas. From traditional massages to kid-friendly treatments, it’s a delightful way to unwind and bond. From Sundays to Thursdays, find Colors Canggu’s special promo where kids can get their nails done the same way as their parent, for free. Alternatively, book a private villa for you and your family where you can enjoy an in-house massage without having to leave your doorstep.

Luxury Villa Loma Seminyak
Villa Loma, Seminyak
Creative Kids

Engage your little chefs in a hands-on cooking class where they can learn to prepare Balinese specialties. It’s a flavorful way to introduce them to the local food. Kubu Terrace offers a day trip with trekking and cooking classes for the whole family in the lush greenery of Bali’s rice fields. Mana Ubud also offers a variety of kid-friendly activities in Bali, including cooking and dance classes specially designed for kids.

You can also check out the artistic fun at Rumah Rabbit Art class, catering to both kids and adults in Canggu. Unleash their creativity in a vibrant and imaginative environment!

Family friendly activities in Bali extend far beyond its stunning landscapes. Whether you’re exploring ancient temples, splashing in water parks, or relaxing on pristine beaches, Bali ensures that every moment becomes a cherished memory for your family. Plan your escape to this tropical paradise, and let the magic of Bali weave its spell on your family vacation.

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