Bali Style: Infuse Your Home with Island Serenity

Bali style and culture is synonymous with beauty, tranquility, and opulence. Infusing your home with the luxurious essence of Bali can create a serene and elegant living space. Here are some tips to transport the magic of Bali style into your own home:

Natural Elements

Balinese design is deeply connected to nature. Incorporate natural elements in your Bali interior like bamboo, teakwood, and stone into your furniture and decor. Wooden carvings and sculptures inspired by traditional Balinese art can add a touch of authenticity.

Villa Nakal with a dining table in the semi-open living area
Villa Nakal, Seminyak
Rich Fabrics and Textures

Balinese homes often feature locally sourced fabrics. Introduce silk or batik textiles to your upholstery, cushions, and curtains. These textiles not only evoke the spirit of Bali, but also add warmth and comfort to your space.

Tropical Greenery

Bring the lush landscapes of Bali into your home by incorporating tropical plants. Consider large leafy plants like palms or ferns to create a sense of tropical paradise. Wooden planters and pots can enhance the natural feel.

Living room with a six-chair dining table
Villa Mr. & Mrs. Bingin, Bingin
Open-Air Design

Balinese architecture often blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Imitate this by creating an open-air design. Opt for large windows, glass doors, or even a courtyard to let in natural light and connect with the outdoors.

Villa Makena semi-open living room with a rattan hanging swing and a small wooden table with chair
Villa Makena, Seminyak
Balinese Art and Artifacts

Decorate your space with Balinese art and artifacts. Traditional masks, wooden sculptures, or tropical paintings can add cultural richness. Be mindful of the symbolism behind each piece to truly appreciate its significance.

Water Features

Balinese homes frequently incorporate water features like ponds, fountains, or even small indoor waterfalls. Consider adding a water element, like a tabletop fountain or a fishpond, to create a calming and serene ambiance.

Balinese Color Palette

Amongst Bali style ideas, choose a color palette inspired by the landscape. Earthy tones such as greens, browns, and blues, reminiscent of lush forests, beaches, and the ocean, can be used on walls, furniture, and decor.

Pererenan Villa Sessun master bedroom with a green couch by the bed
Villa Sessun, Pererenan
Luxurious Bedding

Transform your bedroom into a Balinese sanctuary with luxurious bedding. Choose high-quality linens, adorned with traditional patterns or motifs. Canopy beds and sheer curtains can enhance the romantic and exotic feel.

Traditional Lighting

Incorporate traditional Balinese lighting fixtures. Handcrafted lanterns, pendant lights, or fixtures with intricate designs can add a touch of authenticity and create a warm ambiance.

Surga Blue with a rattan swing hanging in the semi-outdoor living area
Villa Surga Blue, Seminyak
Balinese Fragrances

Use aromatic elements like incense or scented candles with fragrances to compliment your Bali interior. Scents like frangipani, jasmine, or sandalwood are commonly associated with the island’s atmosphere.
 Bali style incense burning Photo by Denis Oliveira on Unsplash

By incorporating these Bali style ideas, you can transform your home into a haven that captures the luxurious and serene spirit of Bali. Whether you’ve visited the island or simply admire its culture, bringing a bit of Bali into your home can evoke a sense of tranquility and exotic charm.

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